How to get a GeForce 3 PC card

Anyone going to be near Heathrow, UK on 8th/9th March?

NVIDIA are running a DirectX 8 developer conference on those dates and your 250 UKP entrance fee includes a GeForce 3 card. As it’s for DirectX, I assume it’s a PC card.

Further details at:

(Now what’s the bets that they won’t give out OpenGL drivers and the current official ones won’t work with GF3s?)

The drivers you’ll get will include the latest OpenGL extensions for GeForce3.

If there’s some interest in a similar OpenGL event, make sure to let us know – we considered having OpenGL tracks for this, but there didn’t seem to be enough developer interest in the UK.

If it was in the US (especially California) and presented in OpenGL, I would attend in a second

This might be a good place to ask this: I read on some web site recently that the 3d texturmapping capability on some GF3 cards will be disabled at first. (like the first x cards shipped won’t be able to do it in hardware). Is this true? If so, why? That would suck

– Zeno

Do you do presentations / events at your headquaters in Santa Clara?

wow, thats definately worth the 500 mile trip to london (I live in scotland). A young pesons rail card holders ticket has got to be around £40 sterling and I get a trip to london.

Is it possible to give someone the money to sign me up and have them get the card for me? Or won’t they allow picking that up by proxy?

– Zeno

Can anybody go to the conference at Heathrow and get a GF3 for half the price? (Can I?)

Hey Tim, I’m in Edinburgh …
Where are you in Scotland?
And where can I get this rail card from

Think that 6 months ago I worked in Basingstoke, 50 miles from Heathrow.

We have done some invitation-only presentations in the very early going, but if there’s interest in doing a similar kind of developer event in Santa Clara, I bet that could be arranged. Chris Seitz is the guy at nvidia that puts these kinds of events together - if you’re interested you should contact him and let him know. You could also email it to me and I’ll forward it to him –

Thanks -

I would come.

Then again, I sometimes go to Santa Clara
just to shop at Fry’s or go to the movies :slight_smile:

Excellent! My parents live < an hour’s drive from Heathrow, so I may take a few days off to go back and visit them

Is that event also for bad english talking dutch amateur developers?

Originally posted by Moz:
[b]Can anybody go to the conference at Heathrow and get a GF3 for half the price? (Can I?)

Hey Tim, I’m in Edinburgh …
Where are you in Scotland?
And where can I get this rail card from

Think that 6 months ago I worked in Basingstoke, 50 miles from Heathrow.[/b]

I live in Dunblane. I got an application form in a letter from UCAS but I think you can go to any station and pick up a form. You get at least 1/3 off on most tickets. I will be living in Edinburgh soon as will be studying Computer Science and A.I.

The problem with picking up a Geforce3 for half price is that even with getting the cheapest pssible tickets and the cheapest accomodation (i.e not staying in the Hilton) it will work out almost as much as buying one   [img][/img] Is there any limitation, I mean do you have to prove you are a developer???. 

Maybe I could get one of my Dads friends who live in londo to pick one up. They should have this conference up in scotland, there are more sftware and hardware developers here- that is why they call it Silicon Glen.

i would not mind to see such a conference in israel…

I just sent an email to Chris Seitz about the Santa Clara conf. I live in Palo Alto, so this would be perfect! I WANT THAT GF3.


I am going to “The Gathering” (the UK conference !).

Although it is a DX8 event, I thought £250 for a 2 day conference + a GeForce3 was actually a very good deal !

I tried to phone the organisers (is that plain english ???) to ask if OpenGL drivers would be installed on the test machines (yes, we also get to test our software over there, if we want to !) and have had no answer yet (so, thanks Cass !).

On the other hand, I thought the card they would give would have the drivers (i.e. it is an ELSA Gladiac 920, so I suppose it will be the retail model !).

I know some other people of this board are going (won’t give the names as I don’t know if they want me to !) but perhaps it would be a good idea that everybody who intends to go says it: how about a late pub session ???

Best regards.


P.S.: I thought I’d add that I am going as part of my job… Although going just for the GF3 could sound interesting, I would not do it: my home computer does not even have an AGP port (and it is a Cyrix 133+) !

P.S. 2: Also wanted to mention that we have to sign a NDA for the conference so I doubt we will be able to talk about what happens there… On the other hand, I suppose we will be allowed to talk about the performance of the card (or won’t we ?).

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I’ll be there. It is not the D3D implementation what I’m looking for. I’m just interested in techniques, what is good and what not (it is usally the same in D3D than in OGL). It is good to talk with old friends and all those things… It will be good to be a OGL event but this is something I’m not waiting to happen…

I’m still not sure I can go to the conference, but if I do can someone pick me up at the station? I’ll be waving a big OpenGL logo .

This conference should definitely have taken place in Edinburgh and for OpenGL .

PS: Eric, j’essaierai d’etre la, je ne veux pas rater le pub (D3D, passons, mais la Guinness … )!

Cab, I agree with you on the techniques (that is also why I want to go there !).

Moz, I didn’t know you were french ! Hope you can come !!! I’ll leave the Guinness to you, though: I prefer a John Smith or a Caffrey’s !

Anyone else coming ?



Me hopefully… waiting to hear if my application has been accepted… wont be able to drink tho…

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