How to generate NURBS surfaces

The red book introduces the evaluators to draw NURBS surfaces before OpenGL 3.1, however, the evaluators have been removed from OpenGL since version 3.1, how to draw NURBS surfaces then?

Can I model the NURBS surfaces in a 3rd-party software, export out as data sets and then rendered using OpenGL?

Yes, so long as the exported data is in some form of triangles. It is also possible to render some NURBs directly using patches

I am gonna revive this thread.

is there a way to use nurbs (doesn’t even need to be efficiently) with shaders?
I’m fairly proficient using GLSL and OpenGL v > 2.1. Now I just want to display a few nurbs surfaces. So
a) Is there a (rather simple) way to retrieve a polygon mesh from those Nurbs-surfaces?
b) Is there a way to use shaders in older versions that allow the use of gluNurbsObjects?

Believe me I tried looking for a solution on my own.


Whilst I am not really able to answer You myself, this tutorial might be of some help:

There is also this, found a couple of seconds after, here:

Sorry, for the hidious link, but I don’t know how else can I post it, to be Eye-Friendly.

Are you guys not looking at the OpenGL wiki ? : )

The first link is exactly what I was looking for. (At first glance, I will try it out tomorrow)