How to generate font by using OpenVG API?

Is there anybody know the correct method to generate font by using OpenVG API?

For example, the e-reader application, can OpenVG API support the font directly? Or it must include the font engine to translate the font type into the path parameter then just pass to OpenVG API for rendering the outline?

Thanks in advance.

The OpenVG glyph API provides a VGFont object to:

  1. manage a mapping between a set of VGImage and VGPath objects and user defined glyph id’s,

  2. provide OpenVG implementations the ability to perform more efficient rendering of glyphs (vgDrawGlyphs draws a series of glyphs in one draw call),

As you note, you will need to create these images and paths yourself - this is not too difficult, but is a very platform/application dependent area, and is outside the scope of the OpenVG API.