How to generate a swept surface?

Hi everybody,

I got a question that how to creat a swept surface. Would you mind giving me an example code?

For example, from a section like this

a swept surface is generated like this below

Is your data source a bitmap or a 2D geometry?
I guess it’s geometry since window is titled “curve editor”.
If yes, then what kind of geometry? A line or a strip of polygons?

What you basically need is to replace every point of your curve with set of vertices, placed in 3D space, forming a circle. That should be pretty simple to implement unless you want do have intersections etc.

I’m doing the NC Machining Simulator. I want to generate a swept surface that is created by the cutter. it looks like the pictures below.

the idea I got is that I will generate a Bezier patch surface which is formed when cutter moving. But I don’t know how :frowning: . I need an example similiar to that.