how to flip a texture for a skybox ?

the thing is: i got a sphere all around my scene, and i applied a texture on it; but the texture is oriented to the outside and so it appeared really darkened inside … how can i flip it to have it clear inside ?
thx a lot - wizzo

the texture is for sure on both sides, but you seem to have backface culling enabled, which in this case culls the wrong face of the polygons, so change this, or disable backface culling for the sky dome.

ok i’ll try this
thx a lot for helping

You sad darkened? Seems to me that the sphere normals are pointing outside. If you are using glut function, there’s no way to make them point inside; but you can change the orientation of the triangles in your sphere - something like GL_CW (clock-wise).

the problem with the normals is surely another point and is not “easy” to solve, but i would not render the sky dome with lighting enablend anyway… the light sources in your 3d scene normally do not affect the lighting of the sky, so it will probably look very unrealistic to render the sky dome with the world lighting properties.

that’s alright i found my problem was related to my old post… that was finally a “problem” in my tga loader function: i had the third parameter at GL_MODULATE, which explain the darkness; for all those who had this problem (i heard they are some), juste change GL_MODULATE into GL_REPLACE.
i feel better with that problem solve, thx to you all for helping me