How to "Fake Phong" with OpenGL ???

Is there an easy way to do “phong” shading with OpenGL ??? I mean the fake envmapping with vertex normals, u=nx*(texturesize.x/2)+(texturesize.x/2) ?! I tried it with specular light but thats not what i want, maybe i´ve done something wrong…

I heard that the new GeForce will have per-pixel lighting, I guess you’ll have to wait for the extension.

you mean i have to use first normal texmapping and after that overblend it with “fake phong” including envmapping ??? i just wont some highlights on my objects !

I don’t think there is considering that opengl interpolates colors at the vertices
Phong shading involves shading each pixel

You can write your own shading algorythm however and just assign it with glColor…

but then whats the point of opengl