how to export the new image with its new texture?


does anybody know how to export the loaded image with it’s new texture? I have an image loaded that i used as texture for my 3d object. Then i changed it’s color to match with the background. What I want is to export the same image with it’s new texture. Currently what I’m getting is still the original image.

can anybody help? I would greatly appreciate it.

does this question doesn’t deserve an answer?

“Then i changed it’s color to match with the background.”
what is “it” here ? The 3D object or the texture ?
If you want to take a screenshot of the rending, just use glReadPixels. If you want the modified texture itself, it is not possible directly, as the texture was NOT modified at all.

If you can not explain clearly, try to show some images of texture and rendered object.

the one on the left is the original, the one on the right is the new one. I want to get only that part, is it possible?

As I said, just use glReadPixels.