How to export bump texture in Maya

Hi there!

I read some threads in COLLADA forums like this about how to have normal map tag <bump> in .dae file.

I’m trying to export an object that has diffuse texture and normal map texture. But is impossible to export a file with bump tag.

I know that common techniques like phong, lambert… etc have no bump tag but I have no idea how to make a custom material with diffuse and normal map tags in Maya.

*Additional info:

  • I’m using Maya 2011
  • I’m 3D programmer

Thanks for the help and attention,
Alvaro Martin.

The most common bump extension for Maya and Max originated from Feeling Software: … _extension

I see! I read some like this in the past but I believe I need to make this change by hand editing .dae, isn’t it?

In my COLLADA Run Time I’m reading diffuse texture only. Then I search for _n (normal map)and _s(specular map) file names in the same folder(ex: tex.tga, tex_n.tga, tex_s.tga). I add this 2 extra textures for bind with diffuse texture in render pass.

Either of the open source plug-ins should support it. Check OpenCOLLADA and ColladaMaya.