How to draw flares?

I’m currently working in a particle system. When all of the calculations are completed I draw all of the flares in the system with a call to glDrawElements. The question is: I’m drawing each flare as a quad (4 vertex in the array for each flare), would it be better to draw each flare as two triangles(also 4 points for each flare, re-use of vertex by indices)?


You could even use Triangle Strips or a fan… But hey, if you want to have a simple textured quad, there is no possibility to make up a quad out of less than 4 vertices. Maybe put them into a list if you want.

Two triangles == 6 vertexes.
One quad == 4 vertexes.

Sending less data to the card is good,
because it saves bandwidth (== higher
frame rate, in many cases)