how to draw 3d window

help me to draw that window without shading manually
give me some link tutorial!!!

So, you mean the image on the left ? The one on the right is pretty simple.
Cut the unwanted parts please.

Or write better english. Or in french :slight_smile:

For the image on the left, search for fisheye opengl projection.
The method :

  • render scene to texture
  • render a textured grid with it, and distord it like you need
  • for wide angles, render the scene multiple times, in a cubic arrangement.

nope… i mean in the right!!!
wew… you said that is easy?? cooll…
hehehe… i’m Indonesian, i can’t speak english well sory!!!
so you know how???
please tell me the detail couse if you answer so shortly i cann’t understand
or you can tell me some tutorial (compleated not teory)
in the left i can do that…
if this finish i want to make the shadow with stencil buffer…
please help me MASTER…!!!^^

Have you looked at these tutorials?

I know they don’t teach you how to exactly draw what’s in the right window. But they teach you to draw 3D things. If you understand them, you’ll probably be able to figure out the rest yourself.

When learning something, you have to start with the basics. Once you understand how to draw simple things like polygons and cubes, drawing more complex things won’t be much harder.

Drawing that window is simply a matter of drawing 15 GL_LINES (if you don’t mind transparency), or 17 GL_QUADS.

The “large” sides will each need to be represented by four quads since there’s no way to subtract one quad from another.

i have found that article and i know how to draw some shapes
i have learn from my college…
but i can’t understand how to draw an object,
and then make a hole in it… like that window
and the window is really 3d, not drawn with lines,
not transpaarent because i want to make its shadow

Well, you obwiously have a problem with your geometrical imagination :slight_smile: This object are just four boxes, placed in such a way that a window appears. Try to draw it on a sheet of paper and think how it can be decomposed into triangles - then feed this triangles to OpenGL (you said you knew how).

emm… i’m heard that one object can sub another object
what is that?? any body know??
how i can find it??