how to draw 3D graphics?

Besides than trying to get the coordinates of each vertices, is there any other methods that i can draw a 3D object? I’m now trying to draw a 3D house, but i cant accurately determine the coordinates.Plz…is there anyone here that can help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi !

Not sure what you arw after here, but just translate the size of the real object to anything you want, then you can scale it in OpenGL as you want.

So if you want a wall that is 12 meters long and 3 meters hight, then just make it for example 12x3 units in size and make sure you use the same scale for all other parts of your house (1 “unit” represents one meter), then when you have your house in a display list or what ever you can use glScale to give it the correct size in relation to other objects in your “world”