How to do these effects?

I want to create night vision, old movie, motion blur, and others. How do I do that in OpenGL? I don’t have any idea. :expressionless:

Night vision, old movie, motion blur, and others? What others? “Others” is a lot of effects. I would suggest using google.

night vision opengl
old film opengl
motion blur opengl

This is too big a subject to cover in a OpenGL board, in my opinion. You should google these topics, read up on them, then come back with specific questions. It’ll be faster for you in the long run since you can google this stuff faster than anyone here can retype it (and google can link you to fancy diagrams).

How about the smartest way to do it? Is it by using shaders?

Everything is done “using shaders” these days. It’s like asking, “what do you use to cause windows to appear and make games?” A programming language.

The answer doesn’t actually narrow it down any.

Oh, I’m really sorry. I’m just new to OpenGL and I’m studying it on my own.

If everything is done using shaders, does texturing is also done using shaders?

I’m so sorry.