how to do model clothing


I have created a model of the female body. the model is made up of 3 disjoint sub-models :

  • one semi superellipsoid model for each breast( left and right) which can be deformbed by varying a set of parameters of the superellipsoid.

  • and one model of the underlying body without the breast taken from a vrml file on which i have manually placed the two breast models close to the body.

but the problem is u can see the gaps between the breasts and the body.

My boss asked me to cover the above mentioned 3 models with a new surface like a cloth - so that it appears like a continuous smooth surface.

for, this i got an idea - i will retrieve the depth buffer and create a surface at a little lesser depth than my model and thus the viewer will not be able to see the gaps.

I retrieved the depth buffer, but somehow my depth buffer returns 1 every where which means nothin is being written into it.also it seems to be very slow.

if you have any ideas of a method for my task, please help me.

also my texture mapping is not working well - it was giving all wierd results. even though i am replaceing GL_REPLACE.

please help me - i am still pretty much mediocre in opengl though i am good at programming.

please help me with this task … its really urgent.

Deepak Roy chittajallu

I don’t know if there is same example with OpenGL but with the DirectX SDK there is an example to do model clothing, may be you can check it out and retire some theoric informations, consult the MSDN webpage

Or you can study code examples in a 3D engine such as ogre3D which is using OpenGL and latest powerfull ARB-like possibilities

hope that helps

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