How to display hundreds of thousand of 3D-Pixels?

I have a lot of 3D Koordinates, which I would like to display in an easy an fast way. I was struggeling with Vertex Array´s, but I don`t get the concept yet. Probably don´t have the right textbook. Any idea, how to do this??

you were on the right track; investigate vertex arrays or VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects).

Do you know a good source of information?
Superbible does not do it for me. I need more sample code…

here’s a tutortial on VBOs:

This is too advanced for now.
Isn`t there a way to just get started easiliy?
Just want do draw 3D vertices in space, not more.

for easy, use glVertex.

for fast, use vertex arrays and vbos.

i suggest you get used to arrays, vbos in particular. climb the learning curve early, while your legs are fresh. you’ll soon realize it’s not that hard at all. you’ll be using them for everything, and for a long time to come.

speed is never free…

angl: that`s the plan :slight_smile:

What is needed to set up the environment properly?
I did an example from the superbible, where I drew a spiral in 3D. I used glVertex3D (I think that was the name) for that.

Will the VertexArray command work in such a environment, or do I need to set up “something spezial”. (I don`t mean things like glEnableState… which are VertexArray-spezific.)


What is needed to set up the environment properly?
Here’s what I’d do.

Grab GLUT, if you don’t have it already. It’s absolutely perfect for learning opengl.

Once you have GLUT, work through the RedBook (OpenGL Programming Guide). Please read this thing, don’t just skim it. 99% of the questions asked in this forum can be answered by simply reading this book. If you actually read it, then you’ll be in a position to answer questions too ;-).

Once you have the basics mastered, start in with the extensions. By that time, you’ll know what to do. If not, feel free to ask.

Good luck to you.

Hlz (angl)