how to describe logic

Dear Users,

I am working on VC++ using OpenGL API.In my project i have to describe the logic
between states.When ever an event is performed there should be a state transition
and an action.Like this there are many states and many state transitions.

Can anyone suggest me a good logic for implementing this.Are there any free libraries
for doing this.

can anyone please give links where i can get code relevant to this.

Your comments and suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Are we talking about any kind of states and any kind of events, and any kind of logic that governs the behaviour?

Can you elaborate, with an example at least?

Are you sure this is an opengl question (kidding!)?


Trying searching for the State design pattern and code to implement it. Its an OO approach to program state machines with tons of code avialable.
Let me know if that helps