How to create window and

hello (i can not speak english very well ) :sorrow:
i want to create a window (for example create window with glut ) and create menu for my Program
i can not create menu with glut please give me a small source and Explanation it
i want create 2 window … one window and one sub window but i can not :smiley: please help me
for make editor for game engine … is better win32 api or glut is better ??
I’m a newbie please Introduction A book for me
please help and sorry for my speak english :smiley:

[quote]one window and one sub window[/quote
use FreeGlut it is more up to date and supports this.

for menus

I’m working with FreeGlut but i can not create 2 window please give me a source code !
Meanwhile . can i use the glut in win32 ?? how ??

you need to learn how to google

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