How to create realistic color palettes?


I would like to add colors for my terrain rendering app, would someone have links/examples on how to implement a nice palette with snow for the top, blue for water and shades of green/brown in between


I could be interpreting you wrong, but you could try a 1 dimensional texture, using the height as your texture coordinate

could you make an image in photoshop with dimensions of 1x32 or 1x64 and create a custom gradient pattern with the range of what you want and then fill it. could that be used as a 1-d texture in opengl? i’ve never tried it.


Thanks for the replies! I kind of see what you mean but some source examples would be great do you know where I could find them?

There was a great tutorial at flipcode some time ago which described how to calculate base textures for your terrain, from a heightmap and ground textures.

When you are finished with that you could head over to’s “ground detail” section, that will keep you busy for a while.

This article from delphi3d is also good if you have a “newer” video card.

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thanks! the links really helped!