How to create menu using opengl??

I know there is a list of functions to do that, they are GlutCreateMenu()、glutSetMenu()、glutAddMenuEntry()、glutAddSubMenu() å’ŒglutAttachMenu()…such kind of things.

However, this type of menu is activated by right clicking the mouse.

I want to create menu like those of FIFA, Winning Eleven, Rainbow 6, those kind of menu. Can I do that through Opengl? Like using texture mapping to create font and then select by special key input?

Or any other way of Opengl?
The most important question is, can Opengl create such menu?
Thank you!

OpenGL is just a graphics library. If you want a menu, then you will have to draw it yourself. There are several libraries in internet that provide GUI for OpenGL. Unfortunatelly, I don’t know any links, but you should be able to find somethng that suits you by using google.

I can email you samle code which does this. It is messy, I did if for an OpenGL challenge web site a long time ago just before the guy stopped maintaining it :-(. Anyhoo message me your email and I’ll send you my menu demo.

Try CPW.