how to create fractal images using OpenGL

hi all

i want to create 2D fractal images. basically i want to create an application that will randomly generate unique patterns with changing color palettes. like Gold Lace software at
will OpenGL be the best solution for it? if anyone knows something then plz tell me.


OpenGL does not have much to do with 2D image rendering. You CAN use OpenGL to display an image that you have rendered in your system memory (RAM), but it is not as straight forward as using a “direct framebuffer” solution. OpenGL also has poor support for managing palettes etc.

My suggestion is that you look at SDL or similar for showing 2D graphics.

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thanx marcus

i am new to graphics programming, so tell me some useful resources regarding graphics and some basic books. also if u have fractal programming knowledge then help me. have u visited the mentioned site? then may u suggest me more specific.

thanx again.