How to create a flash game using OpenGL with C++

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 I wants to create a game using OpenGL with C++. The link below shows the flash game. I am eager to create this in 3D using OpenGL with C++. Please give me some Ideas regarding this.

 [Flash game](  

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Especially this part,

4: Clearly state your problem in your text. Make sure to include all relevant details. If you have only written single paragraph, that’s probably not enough detail. A single sentence is completely out of the question. While overdoing the detail is possible, it’s better to put too much detail in than not enough detail.

If not already done, learn C++ and OpenGL. If you have problems designing the games architecture, read a book about gameengine design. If you have specific OpenGL related problems, post them here.

Hi Thank you all for your reply’s.

  Basically i want to develop the rotation and translate of cube based on the pressing of arrow keys. 

Based on the arrow key pressed the cube will rotate in that direction and translate based on the pivot position. If you didn’t understand please click on the link below. I am not getting the exact idea on this. I am planning to develop using OpenGL and C++.


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Getting keyboard input is not part of OpenGL, look up the documentation of your preferred GUI toolkit for that.

For the translation/rotation itself, look up how to create the corresponding matrices. That’s basic math and is handled in nearly all OpenGL tutorials as well (unless they are outdated and begin with glRotate etc.).