how to create a cube map from digital photos

As part of a medical simulator I am working on, I would like to environment map some of the reflective instruments with a cube map of the actual operating room we are simulating. I can’t seem to find the best way to go about taking and stitching the digital photos to make a cube map.

Can anyone point me to a good resource for this?

Paul Debevec’s page has some wonderful resources for this kind of thing. We’ve used his HDR Shop tool to transform photos of a chrome sphere into a cube image; this is really the easiest way I think without spending lots of money on very high fov lenses.


Looks like some good stuff here. Too bad - this is looking more complex than I initially hoped. sigh

why not set up a virtual camera in the center of the operating room you’re rendering and render each face for a cube map. Then, when done, save out the resulting images. Wouldn’t this be good enough for a simple cubemap reflection?

Kevin B