How to create a 2.1 context?

I’ve pretty familiar with OGL 1.1, but I’d like to learn 2.1. I’ve seen some code floating around somewhere quite a while back, but I can no longer find it. Most of the tutorials I can find are still using 1.1. Can someone point me in the right direction?

ah 2.1 is the same context as 1.1 you need to use extensions to use GL2.1 features and a graphics card that has support e.g. Nvidia GF 8series and newer…

Now GL3.1 and GL3.0 yeah you need a new context to play with the new version of GL… I am guessing you meant that?

Possibly. I thought I remember seeing something that was vastly different than a 1.1 context. Maybe it was a 3.0 context.

You would have to create a GL 1.1 just like you have already been doing. Did you read Getting Started in the Wiki?

GL 3.0 is a different story