how to create 2D fractal images using OpenGL

hi all

i want to create 2D fractal images. basically i want to create an application that will randomly generate unique patterns with changing color palettes. like Gold Lace software at
will OpenGL be the best solution for it? if anyone knows something then plz tell me.


You can do it with the help of a library called cg
Here’s a link (look for fractal)

I guess that program needs fragment_program so it won’t run on older hardware.

But I’m sure there are a million ways to do something, you just have to search for it.

thanx V-man. Cg toolkit lets me to play with UI but what i should use to genearte inner calculations/algorithms? can anybody knows about any Api/library/toolkit for generating fast mathematical abstract images.
also what type of images are generated by Gold Lace (fractals or something else)?
thanx again