How to copy framebuffer without glBlitFramebuffer in opengl es 2?

I want to copy a framebuffer content to another framebuffer after glDrawBuffers without glBlitFramebuffer in opengl es 2.

ES 2 doesn’t have glDrawBuffers (or glDrawBuffer).

If the source framebuffer uses a texture as the colour attachment, you can render a quad (triangle pair) on the destination framebuffer using the texture. If it’s using a renderbuffer, you’ll have to use glReadPixels then upload the data to a texture.

Or glCopyTexImage. Like it’s 1995.

glBlitFramebuffer is a direct command for many GPU’s that will use dedicated MEM2MEM or BLIT hardware for the copy… why wouldn’t you want to use this?

Because it doesn’t exist in OpenGL ES 2.0.

LOL… I guess that shows how much ES programming I do.

You are stuck with texture BLTS