how to construct a 3d environment from a 2d map

Hi all!,

i have a 2d map of a simple environment, obtained from a laser scan, and i would like to know how to start to obtaining a 3d primitive reconstruction of it, i think i have to shift in 3rd dimension the map itself to obtain a 3d model of environment, but i am completely a newbye in the programming field … i don’ t know how to obtain this in c++ language…

i know that it will not be easy, but i like if you suggest me how i have to start, where i have to look to getting idea of facing this type of task.

Thanks for your help.

ever played farcry before or just about any outdoor based game? …well they these use 2D maps to construct a 3D world …the usual way is to have a grey scale image (heightmap) …there are 255 shades of grey in a grayscale image, so you end up with a height range from 0-255 and it’s upto to you to decide which shades represent the high and low elevation points.

There are other methods to represent the data but a heightmap is a very simple, quick and effective method. 1 draw back is you can’t represent any over hang such as a cave.

This nehe tutorial will show you how to load a basic RAW heightmap and render it

If all this terrain stuff interests you, go googling for a decent terrain rendering algorithm such as Geometrical mip-mapping or Quadtree just to name 2.

If you want any help send me the photo and i’ll take a look for ya, i have a small c++ terrain engine i am working on that use’s geometrical mip mapping and runs on both windows and linux,it’s pretty easy to use.