How to compile OpenCL example in MS VC++?

Where are essential header and .lib files?

Header files are available from

I’m not aware of a public implementation; so for the .lib you’ll need to wait until one is published.

Hope that helps.

there are libs / headers there but not “stdint.h” (included in cl.h) which is a part of GCC compiler,

So can this preliminar release be compiled on VC++?

From what I have found, OpenCL cannot be compiled, at least under VS2008. There is an issue with not being able to pass aligned types to functions. The only way around this is to configure VS to use the GCC compiler, although I couldn’t get that to work either. I set up CodeBlocks and everything compiles fine.

It is easy to fix the compilation problems.

Please check the MiniCL project, a small subset of OpenCL used for the Bullet Physics SDK. It has working OpenCL header files.

Hopefully this gets addressed in the Khronos website.

(by the way, this problem will be fixed in an upcoming OpenCL update on the Khronos website)