How to change display mode?

For example, if I wanna change it to
800 * 600, what should I do?

Hey adun,

Are you talking about switching resolutions through a program or through widows? If you just wanna change it on your computer, go to start->control panel->display and then under the settings tab change the resolutions to what you want.

If you are talking about through a program, when you go fullscreen, the program goes to the resolution that matches the window width and height. So if you created a window with dimensions of 800x600, then when  you go fullscreen it'll use that resoultion. So if you use 1280x1024 on your desktop, then OpenGL will switch your desktop to 800x600 when the program starts. You can hear it do that when your monitor clicks.
  • Halcyon

Look into ChangeDisplaySettings

Roger that!
Thanks for your help. I am a Chinese student,
so forgive me if I made any mistakes within
my English grammar or explanation