How to calculate aim for gluLookAt

I want a completely free camera that can rotate on all three axes. When I press up, I want my camera to rotate up in relation to my current view. Err as in, rotate in whatever direction LOOKS like up to me at the time. Like if I was at 0, 0, 0 and looking at 0, 1, 0 with my up at 1, 0, 0 and I press up and rotate 90 degrees that way, I should be looking at 1, 0, 0 with my up at 0, -1, 0. And if I hit left I want it to rotate in whatever direction looks left to me.

This seems pretty complicated to me. I know how to use sin, cos, tan. I don’t know what arctangent is or quaternions or any of those other words I hear used on this forum. So using baby words, can anyone explain to me how to calculate what position my aim and up should be at after rotating? And if it involves complicated concepts or new trig functions could you do your best to explain them to me? In short, could you explain it like you were trying to explain it to Jack O’Neill from Stargate. If he wouldn’t understand it, chances are I won’t either =). Thanks in advance.

you can find the best help from “3D Computer Graphics using OpenGL by F.S.Hill Jr.”.

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