How to bind the depth of pbuffer

I am a new for pbuffer and the article mentions that pbuffer can be used as depth buffer as well as color buffer .
i use pbuffer produce a rgba texture but do not know how to get the depth texture ?
can you tell me how to do it?

I don’t remember the token exactly now but it’s stated pretty clearly in the extension specification, which is avaiable at

thanks all the same

If I can reopen an ancient thread, which extension specification is being referred to? I’m looking at the extensions registry and just getting confused.

The WGL_ARB_pbuffer specification says nothing about binding a pbuffer to a texture.

The WGL_ARB_render_texture specification explicitly does NOT allow binding the depth buffer as a texture, but “This extension is written such that adding depth textures should be very easy.”

GL_ARB_depth_texture says nothing about pbuffers.

WGL_NV_render_depth_texture refers to another extension, ARB_render_texture, which does not exist in the registry.

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