How to apply reflection effect to a simple cube?

It is something like the surface is coated with plastic material, so the surface is shinnny.

e.g., see this:

Is it lighting will do the job? Or need something called environmental mapping?

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There is many ways to render shiny material
You can use different material properties with your object, you can use multitexturing to apply a transparent texture such as in NeHeGL page (how cheat with the rendering :slight_smile: )

Lighting is also very important, you can use advanced “per-xxx lighting” techniques using latest graphic card possibilites, and of course ‘classical’ lighting

So, in theory: 1/ using special material 2/ using special lighting

hope that helps-

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To learn more about different material and lighting you can check the OpenGL RedBook on this website

I think taht I also read something about the astencil buffer for reflections… Search around… Try google for “opengl stencil buffer reflections” or somthing like that… Hope This Helps…