How to achieve old TV effect

Hi there, stupid question time!

I’m new to OpenGL and computer graphics in general, and would appreciate some expert advice before spending money in more coffee.

What I have right now is something like this, just plain quads and textured quads for the numbers:

And I would like to have something like this:

So, what effects should I start investigating? Some kind of bluring or glow? Any implementation advice if I want to easily toggle from the current clean looks and the “realistic” ones?

Thanks a lot!

Blur, add scanlines, subpixel offset (dunno effect name, but its simple)

Implement : copy rendered frame to a texture, then have fun with fragment shaders to blur/sharp/noise it when rendered to a fullscreen quad.

For a blur on an arbitrary scene, you need a render to texture pass, like ZBuffer said.

But for Pong, you can just precalculate the blur into textures (so, blur your font to look how you want, and create blurred textures for the ball/paddles etc.) Then just draw quads, like you’re already doing.