How OpenGL works

Hey, im new to OpenGL and would like some of my questions to be answered.

First, how does OpenGL work?

What does it do to generate what the screen displays? how does it do this?

I’d like to be able to use OpenGL to intercept all outgoing data to my moniter, and then refine it with another program or invert the colors or just display it somewhere else by understanding how OpenGL or my windows video card driver works. I’d like to be able to know how it goes out and what happens, if i could create my own video card and driver possibly.

Thank you.

Any source code and explainations would be appreciated

OpenGL is an API. It can draw triangles or other polygons. It can easily put a texture on these. Etc.

Have a look at

go to
and download the state.pdf, it’s a huge poster, maybe you can print it.
It explain wich steps OpenGL does to draw some nice stuff on the screen.

I hope it help

thank you, but i am still looking for something more.

Originally posted by starz2far:
thank you, but i am still looking for something more.

Read the OpenGL spec. It is the ultimate document you can find in public. It is about few hundred pages, should take a while before you ask for more.