How often will the OpenGL specs will be updated?

With the upcoming transfer of control from ARB to Khronos Group, I just wanted to know, how often will the OpenGL and shading languages’ specifications be updated?

My research depends on quality and speed of graphics rendering, so I intend to constantly use the latest OpenGL features in my research. I just want to know how often I should expect new features, extensions and newer ways of doing things will be added.

You shouldn’t expect much change simply due to the transition. It will probably be pretty much the same group of individuals from the same set of companies, with a small amount of increased participation from Khronos member companies that have not been involved in the ARB.

The folks working on the notional “OpenGL 3.0” proposal are hopeful for a SIGGRAPH 2007 release. But that is a goal, not a guarantee.

Jon Leech
ARB Secretary