How many triangles, edges per n vertices


I was wondering if anybody can tell me how many triangles and edges correspond to
n vertices in a mesh. I think i saw a formula somewhere but i just don’t remember.


You can’t calculate that. Depending on what the model looks like, there will be different amount of edges and triangles for the same number of vertices.

Bob is right. It all depends on your object.

Take a 3 sided pyrimid. It has 4 vertices… 3 for the base and 1 at the top. But is composed of only 4 triangles and 6 edges.

Now take the same 3 sided pyrimid and you do not want to have a face for the base. In other words it has all three sides but no bottom.
The pyrimid still has 4 vertices and 6 edges. However it now only has 3 triangles instead of 4.

Hope this helps explain why it is impossible.