How many texture unit that ES 1.0 MUST support?

hi all:
i know that OGL ES 1.1 MUST support 2 texture unit, but how about OGL ES 1.0?

2 as well. That’s the minimum in OpenGL 1.3 which OpenGL ES 1.0 is based on.

Wrong. OpenGL ES 1.0 is required to support at least one texture unit (not two!). The minimum was increased to two in ES 1.1. Check out the spec.

Yes, you’re right. But it’s really hard to find in the spec. The only place where it’s mentioned is section 2.7 (Vertex Specification): “Multitexture texture coordinates are supported, though only a single texture unit needs to be supported.”

It’s a shame the minima aren’t listed in the state tables section.

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