how many library elements?

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I’m a newbie in collada and i’m trying write my own importer in c#.
My question is (like subject): how many library elements can exists in a collada element?
In the latest collada specifications at library_element voice (where there are all library types) in the occurence columns compare “0 or more” but i don’t understand.
Can exists two or more library_cameras elements (for example)?
If the answer is “yes”, can you explain to me the reason?

Thanks to all!

Excuse me for my bad english! :roll:

there can be zero or more libraries within the Collada element. So yes, there can be 1, 2, 3, or 100 library_cameras.

The same thing applies to the other libraries( e…g there can be an unlimited number of library_visual_scene elements, or possibly zero)

Thank you for your reply! :smiley:
Can you explain to me in what case I can have more library elements?
In other words a use case…

Thank you again!

that is up to you. I don’t know what the Collada designers had in mind, but one use case might be if you have a lot of elements in your scene, and you need to manage them. So if your scene has a lot of buildings, cars, & trees, you might want to separate the cars,trees & buildings into separate libraries. I think it is mainly a too for managing a large amount of resources in a production environment.

Oh yes! This is a comprehensible reason!

Thanks a lot! :smiley: