How many faces can I draw?

I tried to display 10.000 triangles of my Geforce Mx440 agp8x and there was not any problem. But when I try to display 100.000 triangles I have 2 FPS!!

sorry for my bad english

There could be a couple of reasons for this. If you are calculating all 100000 triangles on every frame, then this will cause a huge slow-down. Additionally, if you are not using efficient OpenGL constructs such as vertex arrays and/or display lists you won’t see good performance.

My hunch is that you are probably doing more than just drawing the triangles on each frame.

well indead on each frame i put something like that looping it 100 000 times

{triangle coordinate call with glVertex3f(coordinates))

help me plz
resorry for my english


I’ve found out that your card has a very small maxRecommendedVertex
and Index Count (4096) but this information is needed when you’re
using Vertex arrays with DrawElement or GL_EXT_draw_range_elements.

Try to do so…

  1. Use Lists (check glGenLists glCallList, glNewList glEndList) but
    try not to put more that 4096 vertices per List. So You must make
    chunks that are less than 4096/3 triangles when you’re using

  2. Try to use gl_nv_vertex_array_range or gl_nv_vertex_array_rangle2
    coz then You will be able to use 65535/3 triangles chunks (but I don’t
    know how to use this extension cos I’ve got ATI card sorry).


so if i want to run something with a good frame rate i will need nvidia’s extention for opengl???
(will i need other extention if i want to make it run with other cards like other geforce than mine or ati cards???)

an other question are the extention fitted in my driver or must i download something???

There is a new extension called ARB_vertex_buffer_object but they are only available on the leaked drivers. I think 43.xx for nvidia

I don’t know when ATI will have it.

ok i got 43.45 .
but do you think they are more efficient??