How long to render a 1920x1080 image


I was wondering how long it typically to draw a 1920x1080 image? I am using Win7 64bit 4G PC, with NVIDIA Quadro 5000 card (a pretty good one). I need around 9 ms to render one frame, which I think is a little slow…

Unfortunatley, there cannot be a generic answer to that. It not only depends on the resolution, but also on what you render as well as on how you render it.

The number of triangles and vertices of your scene might help to eyeball the performance roughly.

Generally 9ms is acceptable, as it is above the real-time frequency threshold of 60Hz.

draw a 1920x1080 image?

What do you mean by “draw an image”? Are you rendering some scene to a 1920x1080 window? Or do you actually have some 1920x1080 image that you are uploading to OpenGL every frame?

Either way, we need to know more about what you’re drawing and how you’re drawing it.

I’m going to assume you mean you will be using glDrawPixels or perhaps a large textured quad that covers the entire 1920x1080.

I can’t give you a number for how long it takes but we can assume that it will take less than 1 day to render the image. We can perhaps assume it will take less than 1 second.

Use the BGRA format so that the driver will do a “memcpy” to the graphics card.

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