How long have you been programming?

I’ve been programming for 7 years and I’m still learning tricks.

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I’ve been programming for 7 years and I’m still learning tricks.

Little over 7 years with OpenGL. About 9 with programming in general.

18 years total. I started with OpenGL when the voodoo’s had that miniGL thing ( that’s about 3-4 years I think ).

3 years with OpenGL, 18 in general.

About 10

Well about 3 years with OpenGL. About 5 with C++ and I started C a year before I begun C++ so 6 with C. I first learned programming in general with QBASIC when I was…well I don’t remember exactly but maybe around 10, 11 maybe 12 years old I guess. So about 9 years in general give or take a year.


20 years. i dearsay(oldtimer word) i started programming beofre some ppl on this board were born.
hmm dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
first involved in 3d the same time i started c in 1987 on an amiga500

Since I was 10! So I guess I’ve been programming for 21 years.

Sheeet! Thats quite scary.

Thanks for making me think about it.

I’m going to just go f’off and die now…

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2 months with OpenGL and 1 year with general programming. Learnt Java…don’t use it much…spent maybe a month on it and got up to multithreading. I use C/C++ and have been for about 9 months. Yeah i’m just starting out…u’ll find me in the beginners forum 90% of the time.

Have a good New years everyone

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hm… 4 years now? 4 years programming and 4 years opengl

mostly c++, little bit of java, and c# (more will come), perl, php and the web stuff.

I’m 15 and i’ve been programming for 1.5 years. First I started with VB 6, i was doing it about 8 months, than i started with C++ Builder and maybe in one or two months i started opengl. I dont know if i wrote it onestly , because i dont remember it so well, but i’ve been programming opengl 6 months, but very often, at least for me. I spend every day few hours on computer, during holydays even more.

Well I’ve started with ST-Basic on an Atari 1400ST back when I was… well small.But I’ve never done anything serious(just wasted my time with basic etc.) till 2.5 years ago when I started C and opengl.

6510 from 83-92 on c64
PC since 94.
OpenGL addicted since 98! :wink:

cya! :slight_smile:

24 years. Eek.

7 or 8 years…

Started out with Directshudder3D and shudder executebuffers shudder


Programming Languages: Basic, Pascal, C, C++, C#, x86 Assembly (mostly forgotten)
Scripting Languages: PHP, JavaScript (and the usual (D)HTML4 and XML)
API’s: win32, MFC, wxWindows, Gtk2, Gtkmm2, Gtk#, Qt2, OpenGL 1.x + many extensions, DirectX 5,6 and 8, + many small API’s (like libXML, etc).

Don’t ask me why I’m posting this…
(me, the one who always complains about offtopic posts )

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5 years of C/C++/Java
2 years of OpenGL

Feel that I “should” learn D3D but
haven’t gotten around to it.

I’m really in looove with C++ and OGL. =)

<3 <3 <3 OpenGL <3 <3 <3

Well, I’ve been coding since 1996… you know what my oh-so-stunning introduction was?

Looking back, it was a pretty bad language but hacking away in my bedroom I was amazed at what I could make happen with that engine

Been doing OpenGL since about 1999, but I still suck at it.


About 8 years for me.

Started in basic, swiftly onto pascal, then onto assembler, then C and now C++.

Started GL when I was at work unable to work as the project was in a submission code freeze. Been doing OpenGL in my spare time for about 3 years.

Since I was 10, so that’s 20 years.

I’ve went the standard course, Basic was first, then assembly, then C, then C++, then Java, then C#. C++ is my favorite and the language I use the most.

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16 cm^H^H years.
OpenGL - 3 years.

how hard it was to learn C…

I wrote my first C program (i had played with BASIC,LOGO,asm before that) on ZX Spectrum, whose the only (affordable) storage was regular audio tape. I remember i had prepared one special cassette with <stdio.h> and stuff recorded at beginning, for easy rewind…