How is ATI Catalyst implementation of Shading Language?

Up to now, all my vertex shading is done using EXT_vertex_shader. And the more I use it, the more problems I have with the Catalyst driver.

I thought that maybe it was time to switch to OpenGL Shading Language. But since it is a relatively new implementation for ATI, I suspect that it can have a lot of problems too.

Can someone comment on how is ATI supporting (performance and stability) the OpenGL Shading Language with Catalyst?



Developing GLSL on ATI Radeon 9X series is … challenging.
You need a Radeon X800 (the ‘X’ series) - apparently the GLSL implementation is better.

ARB_vertex_program is working great for me (at least for 9x series) - never had (serious) problems -.
But it’s low level language.

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