How Improtants is the AMD K6 2's 3D now tech?

OK here we go you got 2 computers exactly the same (550 mhz amd k62 with 3d now 128 megs of ram with 8 megs used in the cheap SIS 530 Vidieo Card) any ways, now the sis 530 dosen’t use the 3d now tech. (does it? how can you tell?) now if you stick a new vidieo card in each computer (say a vodo 2 with 16 megs.) one using the newest drivers that suppor the 3d now tech. and one using the latter driver that doesn’t use the 3d now tech. how much faster will the other be? or in simpler waord how important is the 3d now? and is there a other vdieo card under 50$ that will do a better job?

  • Grenade Gimbler
    P.S. if you havent noticed i’m looking for a vidieo card that works and is cheap.

3d now is not that important as it is the game developer that must implement the use of that technology. At present there r 3 main contenders for 3d game implementation (sorry to say that the fastest 1 is almost dead “my glide rest in peace”) so we r left with direct3d and opengl. The voodoo2 dosnt support OpenGL properly so u really only have direct 3d to work with imafraid. the VooDoo3 is alot better but i think it will be alittle over $50 there is also the TNT


Before i buy my voodoo3, í had a sis 530, and it sux man, really. Upgrading to 3d board you will get a really better performance, and 8 megsRam back. voodoo card were really the best, but now, that glide is faded to death, i dunno if its really the best option to buy a voodoo

Perhaps not but it will perform at the moment and given that there is no more 3dfx (may it R.I.P ) u may get probs ubdating drivers in the future so go for a TNT

Thanks guys, so I should get a TNT eh? it sounds, well uh, devastating thanks for the advice have fun.

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