How get OpenGL ConformanceTestSuite (NOT OpenGLES)

Dear sir or madam:
I am very confused about the OpenGL conformance test, I could find nothing in /; please help.
How can I get OpenGL conformance testing suite (NOT OpenGL-ES) after becoming an Adopter member?

following are my found info:

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Where to get conformance test suite?
that there is an OpenGL conformance test suite delivered by ARG. Does anybody know what is the name of that test suite and where can I get it?

You need to become a Khronos Adopter member to be able to obtain and run conformance test suites for Khronos standards.

Which agreement is right for my company?
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Adopters Agreement (101KB pdf) Optional: Complete and sign. Pay Conformance Test Fee.

!!! in “Adopters Agreement (101KB pdf)”, I found following: !!!
Adopted Specifications:
OpenGL ES 1.1 OpenGL ES 2.0 OpenGL SC 1.0
OpenKODE 1.0 OpenVG 1.1 OpenCL 1.1
OpenMAX IL 1.1 OpenMAX DL 1.0 OpenMAX AL 1.0
COLLADA 1.4 OpenSL ES 1.0 OpenWF 1.0

Other: ____________________________________________________________
??? NO OpenGL, should I fill it in above “Other:” ???

??? NO any info of “OpenGL” in “conformance_procedures.pdf” ???

thank you very much

I’m not a Khronos member, but I’m pretty sure that there currently is no OpenGL conformance test suite. There once was back in the 1.1 days, but it has long since fallen into uselessness. The ARB is ostensibly working on one, and their latest estimate said that it should have been finished by now. But nothing has been said about it.

Though it is sad that you have to pay Khronos money just to find out if a driver conforms to OpenGL…

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