How do you use GLUT in Bloodshed Dev C++?

Does anyone here know how to install GLUT in the compiler, Bloodshed Dev C++? I have tried many ways but without any success. If anyone can tell how or point to me the right direction I will be mostly gratefull.



Well, since I am not really a user of Dev C++ (although I am considering it as a development platform) I can’t comment directly on how to use glut on it…

But might I say that GLUT is pretty slow, and generally clumbsy (and really limits the flexibility of your code, like I had heaps of problems with it cause it wouldn’t let me write my own mouse routines, it only wanted to force its own input routines).

I would recommend that new beginners of OpenGL should be working with GLFW… it’s much simpler to set up, and only provides the functionality you really need.

And I hate to admit it, but GLFW is also appropriate for advanced 3D engines. It also has excelent documentation. In addition to this it has some advanced functionality like cross-platform thread support if you wish to use it on more advanced engines.

Heheh, I’ll stop there before some ad company tries to hire me for my skills in advertising software .

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Hi !

Do you have the glut libraries compiled and ready and want to install them so that you can use it from your application, or do you want to compile glut from source code ?

In the first case you just place the libraries so that the gcc compiler can find them (put them in the existing lib directory for example).

In the second case it might be more tricky, but go for the Linux/unix documentation of glut, the gcc compiler and make use the same arguments as on Linux.

So if there is a make file for Linux or some other unix with gnu based compiler/make you should be able to use it with a few tweaks maybe…


Hi again !

Forgot one thing, if you don’t have the glut libraries compiled and ready to use, then check the Bloodshed wibsite and see if they have already done the hard work for you, you might also want to check out the Mingw32 website (it’s the same C/C++ compiler as in Bloodshed DevCPP), they have a pretty rich set of libraries compiled and ready to use.