how do you overclock a video card?

please tell me

There are several programs to do it, called “tweaks”. Those specific to your video card are(in my point of view) the best.
You can find them searching for the keyword
“tweak” on the net.

If you can’t find any, there are generic programs too, e.g. PowerStrip.

Use it on your own risk. Overlocking a board is quite simple, though repairing a damaged one is not (alway) possible.

im not sure if i can overclock my old Rage Pro Turbo 4mb card how much proformace increase do you normally get?

Not so much to be worth overlocking on those old cards. Maybe 10% if you can overlock your video processor and video memory too.

There’s a Rage Pro tweaker that can overclock your card (both core and memory). Tweaked drivers might also help your speed. Check out

thanks for your sugestions guys