How do I use the CSGL?

I downloaded the csharp dll’s. I was finally able to get the BAT file to work properly. It installed the three dll’s into WNNT\system32 and it said something about adding the dll’s to the cache or something. Anyway, when I write my program what do I need to do. To I add a reference to the dll’s do I use a using statement or do I do both? What do I do?

Just downloaded it again to take a quick look. You have to add the DLL as a reference. Adding “using CsGL.OpenGL” to the top is optional. All depends on if in the code you want to do this:

CsGL.OpenGL.GL.glVertex3f(0, 0, 0);


GL.glVertex3f(0, 0, 0);

Personally, I’d add the using at the top and use the second way. But I can be lazy that way.

Do I have to add all three DLL’s or just one? Also, does C# have autocomplete like VB so that you can tell if you are calling a legal function?

I haven’t actually had time to get an app running with this yet, but I’m guessing you’d just need the DLLs with the stuff you’d need. Probably wouldn’t hurt to add all 3, though.

Yes, C# has autocomplete. I have run into a few cases where it seems to mess up on me and give me the autocomplete for a totally different object, though! Thankfully that doesn’t happen often. I have been using C# for my job, which is quite far from OpenGL related, unfortunately.