How do I track progress on the Vulkan Portability Initiative (VPI)?

I am keen to build a large application which uses the Vulkan API exclusively in the most optimised way for maximum performance.

Obviously though, Vulkan is only partially cross-platform but it seems the VPI is an attempt by Khronos to enable devs to code against the Vulkan API and yet run their code on top of devices/OSes supporting Metal or DX12 as well.

For me, this is by far the most desirable outcome of all the proposed cross-platform solutions like WebGPU etc. and hopefully would not have similar performance penalties as ANGLE.

But, the VPI talks about a “subset of the Vulkan API” (which is sounding a lot like OpenGL-ES).

So, how can I follow the progress being made with VPI as closely as possible and know exactly which Vulkan features are “in” or “out”?


The Vulkan Portability Initiative announcement says things will be shared on GitHub. Assumably when the time is right (similarly as Vulkan itself was released when finished). That is unless you are member of the group and so have access to internal information.

Until then it is scrapping for speculative information.
The web APIs share almost exactly the same concerns.
KhronosGroup/WebGLNext-Proposals repo is relevant. Most interesting is the Mozilla addition there.
There is also gpuweb initiative. Its repo contains some comparison/diff analysis of some key parts of several GPU APIs.

There is also an exploratory implementation by a member of the Khronos group: . It should be indicative of the internal non-disclosed progress.