how do i put 3ds in?

i need to put a 3DS (3dstudio) model in my program. what is the best way to go around this? can i also use animations made in 3ds in opengl? how do i do this


Either search this forum for “3ds” (yes, this question has been asked quite a few times), or go here and download some documents on the 3DS file format, and code your own loader.

OpenGL does not have any built-in support for parsing 3DS files. You will need to either write your own code or use someone elses. Documentation for the 3DS file format can be found at The 3DSFTK is freeware that can be used to parse a 3DS file ( ). Look for lib3DS at You will also find several scene graph libraries that use lib3DS or a custom 3DS file parser.

Scott for a bog-standard VC++/MFC example.