How do i make Outline Fonts bigger

I would like to make bigger or smaller fonts. But when I mak the -12 -4 or -72 I dont see the diference. what am i doing wrong? The code below is from nehe tutorials lesson 14

font = CreateFont([b]	-12,[/b]							// Height Of Font
					0,								// Width Of Font
					0,								// Angle Of Escapement
					0,								// Orientation Angle
					FW_BOLD,						// Font Weight
					FALSE,							// Italic
					FALSE,							// Underline
					FALSE,							// Strikeout
					ANSI_CHARSET,					// Character Set Identifier
					OUT_TT_PRECIS,					// Output Precision
					CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS,			// Clipping Precision
					ANTIALIASED_QUALITY,			// Output Quality
					FF_DONTCARE|DEFAULT_PITCH,		// Family And Pitch
					"Comic Sans MS");				// Font Name

SelectObject(hDC, font);							// Selects The Font We Created

wglUseFontOutlines(	hDC,							// Select The Current DC
					0,								// Starting Character
					255,							// Number Of Display Lists To Build
					base,							// Starting Display Lists
					0.0f,							// Deviation From The True Outlines
					0.2f,							// Font Thickness In The Z Direction
					WGL_FONT_POLYGONS,				// Use Polygons, Not Lines
					gmf);							// Address Of Buffer To Recieve Data


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Hi !

An outline font is created as line strips or triangles, so you scale it when you render it in OpenGL with glScale, the size of the original font has nothing to do with the size when you render it in OpenGL


Hey mikael

the command worked perfectly