I am trying to get OpenGL to work with codewarrior v.8, and I recieved the following instructions:

  1. Put the following files in the following locations:

[ul][li] glut32.dll, opengl.dll, glu32.dll -into- C:\Windows\System32[] glut32.lib, glu32.lib, opengl32.lib, glaux.lib -into- C:\Program Files\Metrowerks\Codewarrior\Win32 -x86 Support\Libraries\Win32 SDK[] GL.h, GLU.h, GLAUX.f -into- C:\Program Files\Metrowerks\Codewarrior\Win32 -x86 Support\Headers\Win32 SDK\GL[/li]2) At the top of the program put the following:[li] #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN[*] #include <windows.h>[/ul][/li]The problem is, I can’t find glut32.lib and glut32.dll :frowning: . I did searches for them (in windows explorer) but turned up nothing. I tried running an asteroids program (which I had made in version 7 of codewarrior on an old computer far far away) but it gave me a thousand errors, saying mostly "undefined identifier, It also had a problem with #include <gl/glut.h> I believe. Please help!

You can’t find GLUT, because GLUT is not a part of OpenGL. It’s a Utility Toolbox, that you have to download separatly :


I don’t know the compiler you are using but some compilers don’t like the / over the .

#include <gl/glut.h> change to #include <gl\glut.h>

In the case of linux the paths are case sensitive.
#include <gl/glut.h> maybe should be this <GL/glut.h>

Also would add you need to make sure you have the correct version of the glut library for your compiler.

Thanks SO much. I REALLY appreciate it.