How do I load a TGA?

Sorry I really need to go pick up some books on OpenGL. anyhoo is there any source code I could check out? The only demos I have are the NeHe ones and some from Game Programing Gems. Also what is good for editing textures? right now I am using Gimp32 would photoshop be better for this sort of thing?

DOH! never mind :] I just noticed a tutorial over at NeHe’s vast pit of OpenGL.

Unfortunately the code at NEHE is very rudimentary and does not load images from the gimp. Luckily the TGA format is very simple to implement. Have a look at

Judd Tracy

I got the spec from truevision or whatever they are called but I decided to go with PNG the images are smaller and it supports 32bit images I tested it on Gimp32. Also it seems more developers or going towards PNG for textures I searched W3C and found that Tribes 2 will be using them. Also I have the source for using PNG with OpenGL. :]